The emerging role for battery energy storage in data centres

April 1, 2021

Energy storage – in the form of UPS units – in a data centre has been primarily used to fail-over to diesel generators upon power outages. There has been recent interest in using these energy storage devices (ESDs) for demand-response (DR) to either shift peak demand away from high tariff periods, or to shave demand allowing aggressive under-provisioning of the power infrastructure. Whether for making UPS more sustainability or creating synergies with grid operators, batteries are set to play a crucial role in the future of data centres. This event looks at recent innovations in battery technology and unveils best practice in energy storage for data centres.

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This talk will discuss the emerging role of batteries in data centres through a description of the key value streams for expanded battery assets and the cost trends that are opening up opportunities for cost-effective battery investments. We will consider how environmental goals, reliability concerns, and monetizable grid services contribute to an intriguing value proposition, and how new battery chemistries, form factors, and manufacturing improvements are reducing costs at a rapid pace.
This presentation will explain how companies can reduce their carbon footprint and power costs using multi-MW containerised lithium-ion batteries combined near site solar and wind turbine solutions. This presentation includes options available in the market that require no CAPEX or OPEX from the data center operator. This is based on the 16-20 per cent power bill savings derived shared equally between the data center operator and the equipment supplier.
Driven by strong sustainability goals, the data center industry is exploring cleaner technologies to make operations green. So far long-term Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) with renewable suppliers have allowed large operators to run their infrastructure almost decarbonised. Li-Ion battery energy storage (BES) systems offer a viable solution to replace diesel gensets and achieve fully decarbonized operations, alongside with further grid-related benefits. In this session, Siemens will illustrate the impact of BES on data center design for different market segments.
Exploring technology and chemistry trends in energy storage for applications ranging from data center to telecom and edge to EV fast charging and grid-connected energy services, this presentation will cover numerous storage technologies and their relevance for data centres. It will also look at implications associated with deploying these technologies for energy storage requirements and how data centre operators can benefit from them directly with on-site deployments, indirectly through grid-level deployments, or in various combined forms.
The power generation industry is undergoing a dramatic change as renewable sources, distributed generation, decarbonization and demand increases are transforming traditional energy management. Data centers can participate in this transformation, leveraging UPS and battery assets to support a variety of grid-balancing services that yield new revenue streams and cost savings. Vertiv has developed technology and services that now enable UPS owners to generate revenues from providing balancing services to the grid without compromising IT resiliency.

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