The IIoT edge is where digital transformation happens. Will it help or hinder sustainability?

October 13, 2020

Centralised data centers consume a lot of energy, produce a lot of carbon emissions, and cause significant electronic waste. While data centers are seeing a positive trend towards using green energy, an even more sustainable approach is to reduce unnecessary cloud traffic, central computation, and storage as much as possible by shifting computation to the edge. An on-device database, where data can be stored and processed, is a prerequisite for meaningful edge computing. Only relevant data is sent to the server and saved there, reducing the networking traffic and computing power used in data centers, reducing both bandwidth and energy required by data centers. Sessions include -Reducing network traffic and cloud data centre usage through edge computing -Optimising computing at the edge to enhance energy efficiency -Improving utilisation of deployed hardware by adopting a cloud computing strategy -Enabling new use cases that help make the world more sustainable -Defining the options in the cloud versus edge debate

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Overcoming Barriers to a Sustainable Future

As environmental regulations evolve, and businesses demand greener solutions, data centres must build sustainability into their ongoing strategies. The sustainability challenges are diverse including spiralling

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