The Journey to Data Centers that Make Sense

March 6, 2021

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on a digital economy, and the global community is demanding that sustainability is at the front of any future planning, data centers must innovate to meet tomorrow’s needs. To meet the growing challenge of high-density computing while reducing the impact of operations on global warming, data center operators need a new way of approaching their challenges. The future needs to be smart, with data centers utilising innovative cooling techniques like immersion, implementing higher levels of automation and energy-efficient solutions to reduce their use of resources, diminishing CO2 emissions, and operating sustainably.

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Sustainability has become a buzz word in the data center industry; however, its importance cannot be understated. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the environment and human impact, data centers are under increasing pressure to reduce their global footprint, which cannot be achieved using traditional air-cooling methods. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with immersion cooling technology can create the green data center of the future.
Human intervention has traditionally been an integral part of the day-to-day running of a data center. Fast forward to today, thanks to significant developments in cloud computing and the complexity of tasks that continue to grow, there is increasing pressure on data center staff to complete tasks at impossible speed. Under increasing pressure to perform faster, increase responsiveness, and reduce operations cost, the industry is seeking solutions to make it smarter. A smart data center is optimised at every level, from facility design to utilising renewable energy sources, enhanced energy distribution and cooling systems, high-density networks and robotics.
The growth in artificial intelligence, gaming, edge computing and big data drives the demand on data centres. Data-intensive workloads require more compute power, increasing the energy challenge. Under these conditions and driven by pressure to improve sustainability, traditional cooling methods are inefficient and unable to meet the demand. Data centres require advanced cooling systems that can efficiently deal with the increase in power density. Immersion cooling offers data centres the ability to keep up with the increasing demand for higher power density and many other advantages such as a reduction in CO2 levels, power usage and better total cost of ownership.
Data centres are the backbone of modern society; almost every interaction, social or otherwise, depends on a data centre. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on a digital economy, data centres must innovate to meet tomorrow’s needs. The increase in demand has led to the downfall of the traditional data centre model and the smart data centre’s rise. Discover the challenges currently faced by the data centre industry, why the traditional data centre model is no longer viable and why we must work together to work towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

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