Meeting growing demands without causing further harm to our planet

The global data center community is expecting massive growth in the upcoming years. Projections show 5.3 billion people will have access to the internet and approximately 29.3 billion devices will be connected with access speeds increasing to an average of 110Mbps by 2023. Energy consumption receives the bulk of attention with some experts projecting data center energy consumption may quadruple in the next eight years while other experts foresee data centers hitting a plateau. Energy consumption is just one part of the environmental envelope. Another aspect now starting to gain more media attention is water consumption. Availability and overall quality of water is global concern. Water demand is projected to increase 55% by 2050 with contributing usage from thermal power generation, domestic usage, manufacturing, and the global data center industry. There have been some gains in transparency of data center water consumption, but recent media articles have recently coined water consumption as data centers dirty little secret. As data centers transition to carbon neutral or zero carbon emissions by 2030 the pathway to net zero water in data centers will allow the global data center industry to meet the growing demands without causing further harm to our planet. The quest to go green has never been greater!

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