The Power Conundrum for Australian Data Centres

August 12, 2021

In a region that continues to struggle with energy, reducing data center energy consumption is crucial. But this is not just about going green; it is also critical for smarter, more effective data center management. Driving data center energy efficiency can help reduce costs, maintain uptime, and comply with corporate sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives. Organizations are facing never-ending requests for IT resource capacity to store and process the data and applications required for innovative technologies like big data, IoT, AI, and machine learning. As a result, modern data center environments are becoming increasingly complex and dense. Today’s data center teams are being tasked to be more efficient with fewer resources, including energy and cooling. Our talks will unveil how data center managers maintain a safe environment for their intelligent PDUs, UPSs, and other hardware equipment while also keeping costs low?

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On the back of the growth of data centre demand over recent years, Australia has also seen a surge from capital investors looking to participate in the Data Centre industry. This presentation will cover the range of investor profiles and models beyond the obvious direct development and investment by data centre groups themselves, and will detail the other types of investors and the collaborative models that are being seen and will increasingly be seen going forward. The session will cover the reasons why investors are increasingly turning to the Data Centre sector. Details will be shown illustrating the trend in investment return metrics that have occurred over recent years and will include a snapshot of some actual investment activity
Digital in Australia was accelerating before COVID-19 and now it’s accelerating even faster. At the heart of this, you will find the data center supporting the digital and energy transformation of this century. Just as our world is changing and becoming more contactless and touch free, the data center is changing. Data centers for the next wave of digital and energy transformation are designed to meet this non-stop momentum. This talk will cover how data centers are becoming: more sustainable to meet business needs responsibly; more efficient to optimize cost, speed, space, and capital; more adaptable to be designed for new technologies; and more resilient to reduce vulnerability to unplanned downtime.
Data centres are the epicentre of our digital lives – where organisations connect their providers, partners and customers. Alignment and execution of a rigorous sustainability strategy has direct benefit to customers and communities – but the definition of sustainability is changing. No longer is energy efficiency enough – customers have increasingly ambitious goals and expectations. In this presentation, Blaise will outline opportunities in a comprehensive, purpose driven approach to sustainability.
This presentation will explore Australia’s renewable energy market and discuss how business can access renewable energy solutions as Australia transitions to a cleaner and more sustainable future. With over 1 million customers, Alinta Energy is committed to supporting the development of new renewable energy generation, including WA’s largest wind farm and the Pilbara’s Solar Gas Hybrid Project. Alinta Energy has a 2025 target for 1,500MW of owned and contracted renewable energy generation nationally.
Australia is becoming its own region is world of hyperscale and colocation facilities. Ranked the sixth largest country for data centre, Australia is competing successfully in relation to it population size. Australia has 2 major data centre locations; Sydney (85 Facilities) and Melbourne (46 facilities). These two states dominate against the rest of the country as they are home to the worlds hyperscale cloud providers. No other locations in Australia house these companies. There is more than 500MW of build under construction in Australia – where will this end?
The centralised view of hyperscale cloud providers is changing with the emergence of edge computing assisted by 5G, SD-WAN technologies. Enterprise cloud adoption is shifting towards hybrid-multicloud architectures, forcing the redesign of networks and rethinking security as seen in Gartner’s SASE concept. Cloud adjacency is the trend driving placement of dedicated but scalable private clouds in close proximity to hyperscalers and service provider ecosystems for a broader choice of consumption based solutions. Equinix, as the operator of a global platform for the digital infrastructure, will share key insights and adoption patterns observed through real customer deployments in this session.
Regional Australian businesses have been putting up with unreliable and unstable connections – and extortionate connectivity, colocation storage and networking costs in comparison to their metro. counterparts for years, because there has never been an alternative. The Leading Edge Data Centre team had been watching the growth of “edge” and the data centre industry for quite some time. In early-2018 a plan was written – focusing on creating modular pre-fabricated Tier III data centres, highly connected on a Cloud-first network. This Australian-first success story has shown that by focusing on connecting our customers to a platform that’s stable and reliable, easily accessible, and cost-effective, Leading Edge Data Centres has been able to successfully bring the Cloud to the Edge and provide improved connectivity for millions of Australians.
Australia has unique advantages and serious challenges in the race to develop sustainable power infrastructure before 2030. The Australian Energy sector’s renewable options and potential for rapid scaling include Geothermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Ocean and Bio. They are the envy of many. For Australia’s energy companies to take advantage of such opportunities to innovate requires a cultural mind shift. Overreliance on cheap fossil fuels has stifled innovation. Development needs to be accelerated. The challenges of keeping the lights on as Australia ends its reliance on carbon heavy fuel are significant but getting sustainable infrastructure right will deliver immeasurable rewards. This talk examines how the transition can happen.
Sydney has enjoyed an incredible year of late, with massive new development and plenty of take-up in-market by cloud services, corporations, and government authorities. This presentation will take a deep dive into the Sydney market, including its place across the greater APAC region and what the future holds for Australia more broadly.

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