The Power of Data to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Assets

February 10, 2022

“You can’t change what you can’t measure” – Gathering accurate actionable data to support sustainable decision making is vital in order to reduce the carbon intensity of assets. Understanding energy consumption is key to identifying how we manage energy more efficienctly – in this talk we discuss the role analytics will play in realising ESG Goals and reducing scope emissions.

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In this session Co-founder & Executive Chairman of nZero – Josh Weber – talks with DIN about the importance of real time data as companies globally seek to accurately measure their Green House Gas emissions. We take a dive into the nuances and misconceptions about the pathways to net-zero and why the adoption of a solution that will enable communities and organisations the clear data needed to track and reduce their carbon footprint, has now become essential practice.
In this session, industry alumni Jon Laban talks to DIN about the upcoming changes that he believes will shake up the digital landscape. Never backwards in coming forwards, Jon touches on sustainability, climate action strategies, green washing and why the proper tools are needed to accurately measure scope emissions on a granular level if sustainability goals are to be reached.
In this session T5 Data Centers’ Craig McKesson tells DIN about his companies utilization of powerful software tools to measure – in real time- their facilities emissions data which will enable them to lower the carbon intensity of their assets. What have been the drivers of this change and how is this affecting the landscape of the Data Center Industry as a whole?

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