The sustainability challenges for colocation data centres

June 17, 2021

A report earlier this year from Schneider Electric highlighted that most data centre operators view sustainability as a competitive differentiator and cite customer expectations as a major driver in the next three years – more than double the number who believe that is true today. The biggest driver for sustainability was customer expectations, with almost everybody saying that at least some of their customers are looking for contractual commitments to sustainable practices. What is the colocation data centre industry doing to boost its sustainability credentials and meet these expectations? Can it provide reliable metrics for its electricity consumption and its wider impact on the planet? These are some of the challenges that the sector must face amidst rising demand and continued fiscal constraints.

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Colocation operators need to respond to customer purchasing requests quickly, and often these quick decisions are made at the expense of capacity, availability, and efficiency, resulting in higher operating costs. In other words, time-to-market, capacity utilisation and environmental compliance work against each other. Typically, one or more of these objectives are sacrificed for the others. Learn how the digital twin enables colocation operators to achieve all three of these objectives.
In the last year the world changed. Network use grew substantially in nearly every sector causing some to shorten their digital transformation plans from five years to five weeks. To support changing businesses, data centres need to be even more flexible and dynamic than the customers they support. How? From market drivers to design and construction, to business operation and optimization – all aspects of mission critical IT infrastructure need to be designed for change and pressure tested for flexibility.
Creating a sustainable future requires companies to establish long-term goals and develop solutions to large, complex problems. As data center operators, we are in a unique position to be leaders on the path to a greener tomorrow. Amanda Sutton shares her perspective and approach to setting long-term sustainability goals, exploring topics such as stakeholder engagement, measurement, and reporting. In addition, she explains why partnerships are critical if we are going to move the needle as an industry. Collaboration and engagement with customers, local utilities, vendors, suppliers, and the larger community will enable all of us to be better corporate citizens both today and in the years ahead.
What are the key challenges standing in the way of a zero-carbon, zero water, zero waste, and zero losses future for colocation providers? This talk explores the technologies and practices that can help providers create a lasting sustainable impact.
As the world becomes more distributed, so does the infrastructure to support it. To manage this growing portfolio of digital communications assets new ways to monitor and manage this growing, often global portfolio must be deployed to guarantee uptime while mitigating service cost to what is often difficult or expensive to access locations. The growth of IoT platforms, born out of the IT and data center space, has given rise to a different generation of flexible monitoring and management platforms that are ideal for telecommunications infrastructure.

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