The Sustainability Challenges for Data Centre Cooling


Data centres have always required cooling, but the demands on the cooling systems have intensified as power consumption, and the associated heat produced, continues to grow. Energy-efficient cooling is critical to building more sustainable data centre operations. The selection of the right cooling system is a critical facet of the design process and will have significant implications on its operation and sustainability performance. There are a few ways that data centre cooling can be achieved, depending on the needs and structure of the building. There are many traditional and innovative solutions to achieving data centre cooling, depending on the needs and structure of the building. This knowledge talk looks at what is available for operators as they strive to meet the growing sustainability challenges.

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Technology is changing fast and so is the world. Where perspectives and priorities are shifting and being eco-friendly is becoming one of the main goals, Hiref SPA will present an overview of the main technologies for the cooling of high tech environments, giving particular emphasis to energy efficiency, in order to achieve a sustainable investment for the customers and for the environment. They will also guide you through the different alternatives available in the market in order to show you all the news and the latest technologies in the data center field that allow for reducing energy waste.
Data centre heat is a nuisance that must be managed sustainably since digital infrastructure of today is less energy-efficient than the incandescent light bulb of yesterday. Digital processing unavoidably generates heat making everyone’s activity in the cloud have an environmental impact. The natural progression of building the infrastructure of tomorrow will need to look at more innovative ways to cool data centres that harvests the digitally generated heat to displace other energy intensive activities that need to generate primary heat. We will look at some potential approaches to waste heat recovery as a means of cooling a data centre
Clients are now demanding that data centers offer a sustainable solution for their data processing as it is such a large part of a corporate’s carbon footprint. This presentation will discuss new strategies for colocation companies to reduce their carbon footprints with innovative cooling solutions from the Nordics and elsewhere.
We’ve heard a lot about what we could be doing to make the data centre industry more sustainable, but how can your cooling solution help you get there? When thinking about cooling in a data centre, operators need to be considering the entire footprint. From electricity consumption, supply chains, location, and carbon emissions. This presentation will discuss what is available for operators as they endeavour to meet the growing sustainability challenges.
It’s undeniable that data centers have a significant impact on our planet. It’s not just the energy they consume and the emissions they emit, it’s also their water use, impact on land and raw materials and waste management practices. During this session, we’ll discuss the specifications for how to design and manage your cooling systems in an impactful and holistic sustainable manner. You’ll also learn about zero-water initiatives, new refrigerant options and the impact of energy consumption as well as how the key players in the industry have a key role in the success of sustainable cooling in data centers.
Every data center has its specific demands and features: layout, scalability, density, location, and the possibility to integrate into common eco-system. Cooling represents a big slice of power consumption of the data center, therefore optimization of the cooling system can lead to a significant impact on the overall sustainability of the data center. To find the most optimal and sustainable solution for cooling requires a holistic and humble approach to the different challenges. This session will share thoughts into this important topic.

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