The Sustainable Transformation of Digital Infrastructure

March 11, 2021

Smart, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure that will power the digital transformation of the global economy From design and build to management and operations, the digital infrastructure sector will only increase in its centrality and mission criticality to the global economy. Nothing is more mission critical in the era of digital transformation and climate change than the role of power, compute and network. Its operational eSmart, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure that will power the digital transformation of the global economy. Its operational efficiency, from the application level to the power grid and carbon footprint along with the positive impact it will have on every industry as we transition to a zero-carbon society. Today we will hear from leading experts including Thomas Power – Futurist, Ali Fenn – President of ITRENEW, Michael Winterson – MD Equinix, and Mohan Gandhi – Head of Research and Policy for the SDIA on various subject matter relating to the Sustainable Transformation of Digital Infrastructure. We hope you enjoy the presentations!

Sessions from this talk

A new way to think about the economic and environmental value of data center equipment. The Circular Data Center model that maximizes the economic life of hardware in the data center environment. The developed model shows clear benefits for primary and secondary equipment users that can be quantified with sustainability and financial metrics. The adoption of this business model by the global IT hardware industry can lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by 24% or more and decrease the greenhouse gas impact (measured in equivalent carbon dioxide, or CO2e) of the data center industry by as much as 24% or more.
Michael Winterson, MD Equinix & Manager of Policy Committee for the EUDCA looks at the options that the industry can take to work with utility and grid operators to become part of a smart energy grid and not just consumers.
One of the world’s leading futurists takes us on a journey through the technology trends and how to navigate them. What’s next and what impact will these trends have on digital infrastructure operators?

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