How can businesses unlock the true value of data

2020 saw the world of business upended by the pandemic. With many organisations at the brink of collapse, firms have been forced to scale back their workforces, whilst making other cost-saving measures simply to stay afloat. Now, as organisations look to the future, the pressure is on the c-suite to not only perform and build resilience, but also to fuel future business growth – and for many, success will be entirely dependent on the decisions made over the coming weeks and months. But how can the c-suite achieve this when they are often relying on unstructured data to make these decisions? According to statistics, 89% of IT leaders report data silos are creating business challenges. When it comes to decision making, data that is captured in real-time and analysed effectively is a necessity. After all, any inaccuracies that mean you are unable to turn data into reliable information renders that data utterly worthless. Ultimately, the value in data lies not in the data itself, but the information and fact-based decisions that can emerge from it. Sanjiv Sachdev will explore how business can unlock the true value of data, the insights the right data can unlock, and why it is a competitive business advantage. The importance of transforming data into future insights, and how this can be achieved. The role of reflective vs. proactive data and how IT Finance Management (ITFM) solutions can be used to effectively analyse data and bridge the gap between business and technology.

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