Utilising Data Centre Heat

October 07, 2021 | 09.00 GMT
Utilising Data Centre Heat  Photo
We know that data centres produce huge amounts of surplus heat and that, more often than not, this is simply released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. We also know that there is increasing pressure for new data centres to respond to the European Commission’s Strategy on Heating and Cooling by finding ways of harnessing heat that would otherwise be wasted. Achieving the climate targets requires a transition to carbon-neutral energy, away from combustion-based energy solutions. By using waste heat produced in data centres, the achievement of the climate targets can be accelerated significantly. There are numerous innovative solutions to enable data centre operators to recover and repurpose surplus heat. These include, for example, utilising residual heat on site; recovering surplus heat to provide energy for subsequent cooling cycles, or diverting it into a district heat grid for use – at reduced cost – in local buildings. Depending on the location, these might include hospitals, university halls of residence, or social housing.