What’s Next for Data Center Sustainability?

December 16, 2021

Data Centers consumption of resources are enormous and demand for the computing power which they provide is growing at an astonishing rate. Building sustainability into strategies – and budgets – is becoming a fundamental factor in data center operations. For data centers, 2022 could prove to be the greenest year ever but this knowledge talk asks, how they are going to achieve that?

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Data Centers are the life blood of our digital economy. Whether it serves a consumer to post a TikTok video, watching a Netflix video or running ERP software or reservation systems in the Cloud. The industry is consuming anywhere between close to 2% of the global energy. In addition to the tremendous efficiency improvements, the demand only continues to grow. As a result, sustainability is a critical aspect that must be addressed. This includes multiple vectors. One of which is implementing alternatives to the diesel backup generator. This talk will address the options available today to increase resiliency and sustainability at the same time.
Data Center technology is constantly evolving: becoming greener isn’t a choice, it is a must. This is why the winning choice is to create solutions that allow the perfect balance between efficiency and eco-friendliness. The big question is: “how can we achieve this delicate balance?” HiRef S.p.A. will answer to this question by guiding you through the innovative heat recovery technology, whose goal is to channel the extra heat towards new buildings, such as public infrastructures or even entire neighborhood. What is the result? Less waste in the environment, and an increase usage of clean energy.
Undoubtedly, Data Centers consume a huge amount of energy and generate a lot of heat. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on how to make Data Centers more energy-efficient whilst also finding ways to reuse the heat that is generated. In this presentation Green Mountain CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland, will delve on the topic of data center heat reuse and share some of the thoughts and experiences from Green Mountain. Including insights on their two pilot projects under development: The world’s first land-based lobster farm and the world’s largest land-based trout farm.
Effective water-cooling treatment systems play a critical role in keeping Data Centers operational. As the footprint of Data Centers becomes ever greater, facilities must become both more energy and more water-efficient. The option to use safer, local products – instead of waiting for biocides to be trucked in from offshore – is increasingly attractive to operators wanting to achieve sustainability, safety and autonomy in the way they run their business. This session will review the available solutions to help increase the overall sustainability of the cooling operation – reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption, saving on electricity and extending the life of water treatment process equipment.

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