90 per cent of data is rubbish – Gerry McGovern

Data is growing at an unmanageable rate. Organizations have all the tools to collect vast quantities of data but precious few skills to manage and organize it. Everywhere, we see data overload. 1.4 trillion photos were taken in 2020. We took more photos in 2020 than in the entire 20th Century. 8 trillion photos are currently being stored in the Cloud. How many of those will ever be looked at again? 120 trillion spam are sent every year. Over 5 trillion emails with attachments are sent every year. 94% of those attachments are never opened. Waste. Monumental waste. A typical data center is like a digital landfill. At some stage, organizations and individuals are going to wake up to the fact that they’re paying a lot of money to have their trash stored. We need new ways of thinking about and dealing with data waste.

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