Driving towards a sustainable future – Jack Pouchet

A somewhat informed and perhaps a bit opinionated talk on the issues we must contend with as we drive towards an ever more renewable energy, highly recycled, sustainable future with or without taping into the mythical powers of the purple unicorn. In all seriousness we will examine the benefits and unintended consequences of renewable energy both at scale and the local level. We will take a similar if not more inquisitive look at many other aspects of sustainability including energy storage, IT kit recycling/repurposing, Edge / 5G deployments and the prodigious birth rate of towers upon our landscape and the RF energy that comes with them, and a topic that we as industry professionals and individual consumers should take to heart – the long, hidden (if not deliberately obscured) sustainability issues surrounding our supply chains. This session will help you begin to overcome some of the many barriers to improving your sustainability by learning how to ask some simple but challenging questions such as; what am I not seeing, who are these people and why are they saying X, are there other options and what are their potential ramifications, and why is there no such thing as a free lunch?

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