Fuelling growth in the data centre sector – Tom Glover

The march to increased digitisation, adoption of cloud and hybrid IT strategies, shifts in global business models, data sovereignty and security are fuelling growth in the data centre sector globally. Colocation demand in Europe had a record year in 2020 with a substantial 22% increase in take-up from 2019. London and Frankfurt drove much of the demand, with London recording a 72 per cent increase yoy. This insatiable demand is projected to continue growing. How are major data centre markets in Europe coping with this demand? Will hyperscalers lead the way in constructing data centres and will this be disruptive to the colocation markets that have benefited from hyperscalers’ transactions? The presentation will offer insight into the importance of the relationship between hyperscalers and the wider colocation market in catering for the ever-growing demand.

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