The Case for Natural Gas Generators

i3 Solutions Group and EYP Mission Critical Facilities Inc. has published “The Case for Natural Gas Generators” which explores standby power generation considerations for reducing data centre carbon emissions.

Based on expert technical insight and vendor neutral analysis of standby power technology options available it provides comparisons of emissions profiles of diesel and gas generators and the performance characteristics of diesel versus natural gas.

The paper outlines the case for, and the challenges to, adopting gas reciprocating engines for use in data centres. As established and thought leading data centre MEP design firms, i3 Solutions Group and EYP Mission Critical Facilities Inc. are committed to knowledge sharing and open debate in the data centre industry.

The i3 EYPMCF white paper series is to help inform decision making as data centre owners play their part in reducing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to move towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

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