Unlock Your Data Center’s Carbon-Free Future -A Guide to Sustainable Solutions for Colocation Operators

Today's critical digital infrastructure industry faces two major forces: the ever-growing demand for data and the real effects of climate change. As the global data and digital infrastructure scales, it must do so responsibly. In light of this, data center operators are adopting a two-tiered energy sustainability strategy. First, they are working to match energy use with 100% renewable energy sources. Second, they are experimenting with operating 24/7 carbon-free, with locally generated, renewable energy. In addition, the data center has many ways to reduce carbon, water usage, waste, and energy loss. Increasing energy efficiency and decreasing thermal losses can ensure uptime while saving energy. Carbon-free energy can be realized by developing power systems that enable a move to a hydrogen-powered ecosystem. Water consumption can be reduced by developing new thermal configurations with optimized water usage effectiveness. Finally, solutions that use less and are easily upgradable, recyclable, or can be refurbished help reduce overall data center waste. This article will discuss the proactive steps that colocation operators can take to reduce their reliance on carbon-based energy sources and achieve sustainability goals.
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